Thursday, July 2, 2015


This will be my first "Currently...." on my new blog.  I'm joining up with....

....for this month's Currently! 

 I've done these before way back when I taught first grade but I stopped participating after I switched schools.  Now that I'm back to creating and back to blogging, I figured I would do the July Currently so here goes.....

LISTENING - My boys argue ALL.THE.TIME!!  It wasn't as bad right when school let out and they still loved each other but lately, it's been AWFUL!!!  It's only July 2 ya'll!  What am I going to do with them?  

LOVING - This free time with no where to be and nothing that has to be done TODAY is wonderful!  We went to see Inside Out today and it was pretty good.  It was quite the tear jerker as I have my own newly turned teenager.  I love that I can work on next school year at my own pace.  

THINKING - Yep this goes right along with the listening set.  The more they argue the more I need to get away.  

WANTING - Saltgrass!!  That is my all-time favorite place to eat!  The best food ever!  We are taking my parents there tomorrow evening so that will be a great treat for me!

NEEDING - I have so much to do and we start back so early.  Summer is about halfway over.  I've already made two trips to my freshly cleaned room to try and put up new blinds.  We switched math curriculums and our sequence this year so I'm having to redo a lot of the work that was already done.  I need a 6 month summer just to catch up!

ALL STAR - This was the hardest one for me to choose.  If I were honest, I'm pretty hard on myself and don't feel like an all star at anything most of the time.  However, I had to put something so I think planner works well.  I'm always planning, next year, next vacation, next remodel of the house, next set of meals, etc.  In fact, I plan vacations for people as part of my second job!  (Yep, I'm a travel agent as well.)

O.k. well that was a neat diversion from work but I need to get back to finishing my book bucket labels!  Thanks for reading!


  1. You're a travel agent?!? That sounds so much fun!!! How old are your boys? Do you have any bedtime tips for a son going through terrible two's bedtime tantrums?? lol I feel you with the Mommy time--and I only have ONE!! :) Enjoy your summer!!!!
    Mixing it up in Middle

    1. Yes it's really fun to plan people's trips!! It's like planning a vacation for yourself without the hassle of packing. rofl.....My boys are 13 and 9. Some days they love each other and some days they don't. Sadly I don't have any bedtime tips. My boys are not great sleepers at all!! In fact, on vacation last week, my oldest tried to sleep walk out of our hotel room at Disney. Talk about scary!!!! I hope you enjoy your summer as well. Thanks for visiting!!

  2. I have two boys that are 4 and 2 and they already fight! Right now it's more play fighting but it always ends with one of them crying! We are wanting to go see Inside Out too! My boys are more excited about the Minion movie though!

    The Learning Chambers

    1. Yep my boys are 13 and 9. Some days are better than others. Most days they fight, which is really just my word for CONSTANT arguing. "I wanted that game." "I had it first." "But MOM, he took his bath second LAST night?" Geez, they fight over everything!!! Inside Out was good but a bit emotional. My boys are excited about the Minions as well.

  3. I agree- and find it a little sad- that's it's hard to choose what we are all stars at! I think that is part of being a teacher though. We are always looking at the good in others, we forget that we are good at things too! I'm sure you are an all around ALL STAR! One day you will miss those boys arguing so enjoy it while they are young! They grow up mighty fast!

    1. YES, I look at other people's work/blogs/lives and think how awesome they are and then I can't find anything that I'm a star at. It stinks!! Yes, people tell me all the time how much I will the boys. I know that I will miss them being around but I can't imagine missing the arguing. lol.......