Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Enrichment Madness!

Last year, our school began a 6 day rotation for enrichment offerings.  That's right SIX days.  Yes there are only five days in a week and we went through six enrichments so the days of going to Art on Monday, library on Tuesday, etc. were over.  This created quite a bit of confusion as you can imagine.   We were about three weeks into the school year and I was already tired of hearing, "Mrs. R, where are we going today?"  

How could I fix our "problem"?  Well I took one of the $1 pocket charts from the Target dollar spot.  (Don't you LOVE that section??)  I made some tags using our classroom nautical/ocean theme.  Voila!  We had a chart to keep track of where we were going each day.  In each pocket we placed an enrichment label.  We had two arts and two pe so that made our six.  Then I took a picture label and each day we moved it as we were going to enrichment.  

Now you could definitely use these for other things than just keeping sane on a six day schedule.  It could also be for letting others know where your class has gone for enrichment.  

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Happy 4th of July!!   

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