Sunday, August 16, 2015

Room reveal and my thoughts on second grade teachers

It's been a little while since I've had time to post here on my blog.  We started inservices almost two weeks ago now and the students came last week for three days.  I have an adorable class.  Quite a few of them admitted that they were very excited about school starting again!!  Before school started, we had a meet and greet for students and parents to meet their teachers.  I met all but ONE of my students that night.  That's how you know it will be a great year with lots of parental involvement.  

Before the excitement of meeting parents and students, I took a few photos of my classroom to share.  Now I've seen photos of super cute rooms with loads of decorations and compared to those mine is plain but functional.  It works for me though and that's all that matters right??  

A look from my desk towards the front of the room.....

I use groups every single day in my room.  Each student in a group has a job as shown on the chart below.  My leader is the person who gets to go first during games and centers.  The supply person picks up needed supplies from me to distribute to the group.  The person labeled center cleaner is responsible for cleaning up the center when center time is over and placing it back into the cart.  Lastly the absent folder person is responsible to make a folder containing handouts for each person who is absent at their table.   Next to my group job chart is our homework board.

 In this photo you can see my cabinet, calendar and centers cart.  Due to lack of space in my room, all of our centers are stored in the trays.  During center time, we take out the trays and place them onto the desks in each group.  My students rotate around the room sitting in the desks to work at each center.   I only have three centers going at one time.  In order to make it work in my room with six groups I have two copies of each center so that as students rotate they see all three centers each time we work in them.

Here is the view of the front of my room.   You can see my book buckets under the laptop on the right.  I have library books placed in three different spots around my room based on AR levels.

At our school, our mascot is the Broncos.  If all students are present on a specific day, we receive a letter to spell out broncos and once we spell the entire word, students receive a free recess.

Each desk was set up with a folder of parent paperwork as well as a treat and newsletter for students to get to know me.

 Meet and greet went really well and the first three days of school flew right by me.  However, one moment on the second day of school had me thinking about the second grade teachers.  

I like to start with some back to school games on the first few days when I keep my homeroom all day.  On the morning of our second day together, I gave my students the "teacher" word builder worksheet from this set.

I allowed my students to work quietly for 10 minutes and then each student was allowed to say one word that they created from the letter tiles.  So often you hear teachers complain about what the teachers before them have not done, what the students did not learn, or how far behind the students are compared to where teachers think they should be. 

But my students totally rocked this activity.....they were awesome!!  Here's a picture of our board after we finished sharing.  They could have shared quite a few more words but I stopped them after each person had a turn to share. 

Thanks for reading along!!  Here's to a great first full week!!

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