Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tech Tuesday

Every summer my district offers LOTS of tech professional development.  Not only do these classes offer great lessons and websites but as teachers we can earn "tech points" to use as a way to buy ipads, Promethean boards, Apple TVs, etc. for our classrooms!   It's a great way to spend your time in the summer.

Yesterday we had a Promethean board camp where we spent all day (9-3) at the tech center learning everything you ever wanted to know about your Promethean board and how to work it.  There were some amazing sessions like this one I attended on the Axiedu bus!!

Inside the bus we talked about different products from AxiEdu and different websites to use with our Promethean boards.

Here are my favorite websites from my time on the bus -

1.  Newsela -  Non-fiction current event articles where YOU can CHANGE the lexile level to meet your student needs.  Each article also has a quiz!

2.  CK-12 - Search for resources on any of your standards.  This site has a variety of materials for all different learning style.

3.  Interactives Sites Weebly - All interactive websites are organized by subject and skill.  Site is updated weekly to add more websites or take away websites that do not work.

4.  TeacherLED - Quite a few interactive whiteboard resources to use as a class or as a center

These four websites offer quite a few resources for our classrooms!  I hope you found something that you could use.  Please comment below if you enjoyed any of the sites. 

Come back next week for my favorite new tech tool of our Promethean camp!

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