Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Terrific Technology Tuesday

Summer is in full swing at my house and we are loving it!   I am spending my summer taking quite a few tech classes in order to become 1:1 for the next school year.  Our district allows us to earn points that go towards ipads, promethean boards, etc.

Today at my tech classes, we played in Adobe Spark and Canva.  I am IN LOVE with these programs although I didn't save any of my Canva work so all you will see is Adobe Spark.  It's so easy to look professional with this app/website. 

I made a new picture for my theme in my classroom. 

You should definitely head over to Adobe Spark and have some fun creating with it.  (No I have no ties to them and I promise that I don't get any kind of kickbacks......)  

Isn't this little guy just the cutest!??!?!  All of the fonts and extras are just the touch of a button, no drawing, no resizing, just touch and it places it for you.  I had so much fun while the instructor helped other people and explained how to make pictures.  

Lastly, I made this one with one of my new favorite song titles....actually the title is "Breathe" by Jonny Diaz.  You see, sometimes life is just tough and things don't make sense.   It all seems so overwhelming but this song seems to pop into my head and I find myself singing "Breathe......just breathe....." 

After I had fun creating all of the images here and finishing the rest of my assignments for class, I was able to come home and package up my newest product for my TPT store.

I've been a little addicted to QR code scavenger hunts lately.  My students had a great time working some during the school year last year but I wanted to make some that would go with our specific standards and lessons for this year.


Today's scavenger hunt is 2 and 3 digit addition.  This kit has a mix of regrouping and no regrouping.  There are a total of 11 problems with the final code congratulating the student for finishing!

Click on the product cover above to go to my TPT store and grab this great scavenger hunt for only $1.
If you would like to have it for free, comment below about something on the blog and I will choose a winner.

Have a great week!

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