Monday, July 25, 2016

Monday Made It - July 25

I'm so excited to have something to share this week for Monday Made It!!   I'm linking up with 4th grade Frolics for this week's Monday Made it!

This past week, a coworker and I took some time to work on shirts for school.  I think we will be some of the best dressed teachers there...well if t-shirts count as best dressed!

I love that these are a baseball look.  We borrowed this idea from a Pinterest design we had found. 

This is easily one of my favorites!  So.much.glitter!  We purchased the design from Etsy here.  It was so easy to make!  

I had a bit of vinyl left over from an order that I had and my coworker found a great use for it.  These three pictures are all made with iridescent vinyl.  So cool!

My absolute favorite shirt is one that I designed and one that is FULL of glitter!  We will be wearing these to Meet and Greet.  I just love the way it turned out!  The pictures really don't show how much sparkle we have on there!

Lastly we made a navy blue shirt with our names on the front.  

For the back we used a design we found on Etsy.  If you like it you can purchase it here.


Today I spent most of the day back in my room working on cleaning and decorating.  It's really coming together and that's a good thing because I start two weeks from today!  Where, oh where, did my summer go?


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! We had a great time making all of them!

  2. Your shirts are so cute! I too love all things glitter.

  3. I love the baseball style shirt! Very unique.