Saturday, July 16, 2016

Our first Tinker Crate

Earlier this summer in the middle of my Facebook feed, there was an ad for Tinker Crate.   I had no idea what that was but it piqued my curiosity enough for me to visit their webpage.  They offer many different types of creative kits such as doodle kits and themed kits perfect for kids of all ages.  I chose to use a coupon I had at the time and order the Tinker Crate for my boys, ages 14 and 10.  

Our box came in and we were so excited with our first project.  A rubber band race car was perfect for us!  

The car's parts are made of wood, foam and paper.  I was a bit disappointed about the paper body for the car but it suggests that artistic children can decorate the white side if they wish too so I would understand why it was left as paper.  

The directions were VERY kid friendly and easy to follow.  It included many pictures and lots of tips/hints as to exactly what to do to make the original car model.  My 14 year old (shown above) had no trouble with the construction of his parts while my 10 year old was a bit more clumsy with his pieces and needed me to help him some.  

He was giggling because the wheel grips (a sticky felt string) that he was trying to put on kept popping off and hitting him.  As you can see from the large wheel in the picture above, the pieces in this kit are a nice size.  

Oh excuse that blurry picture!  I was chasing kid and car! first our car didn't go very far and my 10 year old declared it a "slow car" so we sat and had a discussion as to why our car didn't move like we wanted.  I asked him what powered our car and he knew it was the rubber band.  We discussed ways to make our car go farther and he worked his way to figuring out that the tighter the rubber band, the further our car would go. (Yes, that was in the directions as well but I figured I would let him discover it.)

Quick video of our car.....excuse my living room!

Here is our finished for now car.  We plan to experiment with it later to see if the length of the car or the size of the wheels make any difference in the speed of the car.  

Overall, this was a great kit.  My kids learned a lot and were able to completely build the car together.  We were definitely pleased with our first Tinker Crate!

If you would like to try out a Tinker Crate or any of their other crates and would like to get $10 off, click here to use a coupon!  

Have a great weekend!

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